NMAPC provides training to tripartite meeting in Lima, Ohio

Impartial Secretary, Stephen Lindauer and Director of Industrial Relations, Daniel Hogan traveled to Lima, Ohio in January to meet with more than 60 Owners, Contractors, and Union Officials from all over Northern Ohio and to discuss the National Maintenance Agreements. The Tripartite meeting was geared towards answering the questions of those present and providing additional support for the Agreement.

NMAPC Tripartite meetings like this one allow for Labor, Management and Owners to work together openly, discuss future opportunities and learn how to successfully implement the fundamentals that the Agreement represents. It also facilitates the core values of the union construction industry and sets the stage for the precursor to every NMA job; pre-job conferences. By holding these tripartite meetings the NMAPC intends to alleviate confusion on projects by leveling the playing field and fostering healthy working relationships that will last a lifetime.

January 28, 2010