The Owner Advantage

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The NMA program is a tool to assist owners in performing ongoing maintenance work by providing a level playing field for skilled craft workers to get work done safely, efficiently, economically and on schedule to allow production facilities to continue operating with minimal disruptions.

As an owner who chooses to perform work under the terms of the National Maintenance Agreements, you will come to realize a number of important advantages of working under this program:

  • You are not required to guarantee any specific amount of repair, renovation or replacement work to the contractors;
  • You use the contractors as your work volume, your in-plant labor agreements and your contractors' prices allow;
  • National Maintenance Agreements are available to all contractors legitimately engaged in industrial maintenance work;
  • You can receive competitive bids because several contractors can have National Maintenance Agreements covering the same work site;
  • In instances where you may experience problems obtaining qualified contractors to bid certain work under the NMA, a list can be provided; and,
  • The Agreements are stand-alone and are signed by the contractors and the participating International Unions.

Obtaining approval for work to be covered under the National Maintenance Agreements

An owner, or construction manager acting on behalf of the owner, may request to have a particular project or site placed under the NMA program by applying directly through the NMAPC Administrative Office.

Such a request should include specific details outlining the scope of work to be considered for coverage under the Agreements. Once approved, the applicant will be advised in writing of such a determination and be directed to allow work pursuant to the NMA "yellow card" language provided below:

In the event questions are raised as to whether a particular project or scope of work properly falls under the Agreements, the matter will be resolved by the NMAPC Work Scope Determination Committee.

Construction Manager Participation

Many projects performed under the NMAPC program are managed on a day-to-day basis over the life cycle of the project by a construction manager, who, in essence, acts as an agent for the owner.

As a result, the NMAPC has developed the Letter of Understanding for Construction Manager Participation.

The purpose of executing this one page form is to ensure the construction manager recognizes its role and responsibility to monitor the performance of signatory contractors working on a given project.

This form acknowledges the construction manager must ensure contractors and their subcontractors working on an NMA project have applied for and are in possession of the appropriate National Maintenance Agreement(s) Site Extension Requests (SERs), with permission from the appropriate International Union(s), at the time the work is awarded.

It is also typically the construction manager's responsibility to see that all contractors and their subcontractors conduct pre-job conferences in accordance with Article I of the National Maintenance Agreements, and to initiate the implementation of the local tripartite committee that should be established for projects performed under the NMAPC Program.

Contractors and/or Construction Managers submitting a Letter of Understanding for Construction Manager Participation form to the NMAPC for approval are also required to provide a detailed description of the scope of work that they are seeking a Letter of Understanding for Construction Manager Participation to cover. Forms should be submitted to the NMAPC either via email at or fax at 703.524.3364.

Completing a Construction Manager Letter of Understanding

Construction managers should submit a written request on company letterhead to the NMAPC Administrative Office indicating the project will be performed under the terms of the National Maintenance Agreements, and include the owner's name and the plant location, including city and state.

The Letter of Understanding will then be sent out under cover letter by the NMAPC Impartial Secretary in order that it can be signed and returned for countersignature.

There is a construction manager fee of $2,000.00 for EACH executed Letter of Understanding, with the exception of any company that is currently both signatory to the National Maintenance Agreements and a Governing Member of The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC).

An invoice will be generated from the NMAPC Administrative Office at the time of the execution of the Letter of Understanding.