NMAPC releases new guidance on lockout and work stoppage procedures

Click on cover to downloadThe National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC) has released a new publication outlining the proper procedures to follow in the unlikely event that a lockout or work stoppage occurs on a job being worked under the terms of the NMA.

The procedures - which can be downloaded here in PDF format - are based on Article XXII of the NMA, which states that "there shall be no lockouts by the Employer and no strikes, picketing, work stoppages, slow down or other disruptive activity for any reason by the Union or by any employee" (download full NMA here). Any alleged violations of Article XXII will be resolved in accordance with the procedures and NMAPC Policy Decision XXII - 3, entitled "Penalty Schedule for Violations of the Lockout and Work Stoppage Decisions" (this can be found in the Book of Decisions -- click here to download the entire Book in PDF format).

The new publication answers the most frequently asked questions involving lockouts and work stoppages, including:

  • How to properly notify the NMA of an alleged Article XXII violation
  • How an Article XII arbitration hearing works

In addition, the publication contains the complete text of Article XXII from the NMA, as well as a sample Lockout/Work Stoppage Form Fact Sheet. NMAPC recommends that all parties signatory to the NMA - including contractors, subcontractors and union representatives - download and read the new publication.

Download the NMAPC Lockout/Work Stoppage Procedure

Download Lockout/Work Stoppage Form Fact Sheet (PDF) This is an editable PDF that allows you to fill out the fact sheet on your computer

You can also find these documents -- and more -- on NMA's offical Guide to the Revised NMA and NPGMA page

December 11, 2012