Latest NMAPC Book of Decisions Update Now Available Online

The latest update to the NMAPC Book of Decisions, approved on April 22, 2015, is now available online.

To download the update in PDF format, please visit the Book of Decisions page and go to the "Recent Book of Decisions Updates" in the right-hand column. You will need your NMAPC username and password to download the update. On the same page, you can also download an updated copy of the complete Book of Decisions in PDF format.

The update approved on April 22, 2015, is as follows:

Bulletin I - 6 : Recognition - Work Assignment Dispute Umpire Selection Process

Reminder: paper copies of the Book of Decisions updates are no longer mailed out. In order to obtain the updates, you will need to visit the Book of Decisions page. If you have any questions, please contact Ben Cahoon, Manager of NMAPC & Database Systems, at 703.841.9707 x118.

April 29, 2015