NMAPC Announces Major Upgrade to Work Hours Reporting Process

The National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC) has substantially upgraded its work hours reporting process to give contractors and unions a robust new set of analytic tools to promote their services and increase market share. These new features also make it much easier for owner-clients to track various NMA projects and see firsthand the benefits of using the industry's foremost project labor agreement.

Launched in mid-July, the new Work Hours Search Tool gives users a number of new ways to view reported work hours. In the past, most users could only search work hours by state, union or owner-client name. The new Search Tool, however, provides virtually limitless options to view and slice the data. Users can search for work hours using any combination of the following criteria:


As an example, with just a few clicks of the mouse button, a contractor can call up all work hours his or her company reported between the first quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2017 by a specific local union (or all unions, for that matter) for a specific client -- or for work completed in a specific state. With another click, the contractor can then export that data to their desktop in convenient Excel format, where it can be used for sales and client presentations, internal performance analysis, or any number of other applications.

HOW IT WORKS: The new Work Hours Search Tool has been seamlessly integrated into the existing Work Hours Reporting Tool. To access the new search features, simply log in to www.nmapc.org. On your individual landing page, under the Work Hours section, you will see a new blue button that reads "Work Hours Search" (see image at right). Click on it, and you're on your way!

This major search upgrade builds on the heels of last year's initial work hours enhancement phase, which linked work hours to specific Site Extension Requests (SERs).

Friendly Reminders

In addition to the Search Tool, the NMAPC is continuing to make strides in ensuring all contractors report their work hours as required by the NMA.

Signatory contractors will now receive electronic notifications reminding them that it's time to report work hours. The notification will be sent directly to the individual that submitted the SER as well as the Contractor's primary contact. The electronic communication will identify all SERs for which work hours need to be reported, along with a hyperlink to the NMAPC's Work Hours Reporting Tool.

If a contractor fails to report its work hours for each active SER within 30 days, a second notice will be sent to both the individual that submitted the SER as well as the primary point of contact, advising them that they have 14 days to report their work hours before the international unions with whom they have approved SERs are notified of their non-compliance.

If you would like to learn more about the improvements to the NMAPC work hours reporting and/or search processes, contact the NMAPC Administrative Office at (703) 841-9707 and ask for Mr. Daniel Hogan or Mr. Michael Dorsey.

To review a tutorial video on how to report your organization's work hours under the NMAPC Program, please visit the NMA I.Q. eLearning Resource Center at http://www.nmaiq.org/workhoursreporting/.

August 02, 2017