NMAPC Approves Ford Automotive Addendum

The National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC) has approved a new addendum to the National Maintenance Agreements (NMA) for construction and maintenance work at thirty-one (31) Ford Motor Company facilities located in six (6) states.

The addendum modifies certain rules regarding shift work and overtime requirements, and designates the 31 facilities as "Yellow Card" sites, meaning all work will be done under the terms of the NMAPC Program. The modifications are meant to assist Ford with its "Dearborn Campus Transformation," a large-scale revitalization of its Headquarters Campus and Research and Facilities Campus, both located in Dearborn, Michigan. Ford expects the entire transformation project will require 11-12 million work hours. In addition, the addendum will cover work at numerous facilities in Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, New York and Ohio, totaling an additional estimated 5-6 million work hours.

Ford and the NMAPC have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial partnership that has resulted in tens of millions of work hours performed safely throughout the United States. As result of the recently approved Ford Addendum, both the NMAPC and Ford seek to strengthen their partnership as Ford pursues an aggressive investment into the revitalization of its facilities and the transformation of its Dearborn headquarters.


October 16, 2017