NMAPC, "Big Three" Meet to Discuss Labor Needs

NMAPC Impartial Secretary/CEO Steve Lindauer Addresses Big Three Meeting

On April 24, 2018 the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC) hosted the "Big Three" automotive companies -- Fiat Chrysler Automotive, Ford Motor Company and General Motors -- during a regional Tripartite Committee meeting in Detroit, Michigan. For the first time ever, this historic meeting brought representatives from the Big Three, the Michigan Building Trades Council and leading automotive contractors to discuss the auto industry's projected union craft labor demand in Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio (Toledo area).

The purpose of this meeting was to provide a forum for our long-time automotive clients to collectively present their anticipated manpower needs directly to NMAPC-participating local unions and signatory contractors. NMAPC's objective is to provide its labor partners with sufficient time and adequate information to develop a strategy to ensure that these projects are appropriately staffed.

Upon conclusion of the tripartite meeting, NMAPC Impartial Secretary/CEO Stephen Lindauer said, "This is a good first step. This is what we have been asking for… open and transparent communication from our owner/clients. The Big Three have really stepped up here, and now it's our turn."

To learn more about this meeting, or to obtain copies of the presentation, please contact the NMAPC at (703) 841-9707 or info@nmapc.org.

May 09, 2018