Haggerty appointed to NMAPC Board of Directors

The National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee, Inc., is pleased to announce David Haggerty, director of national agreements for the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, has been appointed to the NMAPC Board of Directors effective Feb. 4.


The National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee negotiates and administers the National Maintenance Agreements, a series of collective bargaining agreements utilized by more than 2,500 industrial contractors who employ members of fourteen building trades international unions. Although there are 14 separate agreements, they are 99% similar. The agreements provide a cost-effective vehicle for contractors and skilled building trades workers to perform construction, maintenance and repair work for the country's industrial and manufacturing base.

The NMAPC was the first national labor management organization in the construction industry to become incorporated, and is based in the philosophy of tripartite cooperation between the customer, contractor and union craft personnel. To-date, the NMAPC program has accounted for more than $300 billion of work and more than 2 billion work-hours for the building trades and contractors.

February 04, 2009