Become a Signatory: Frequently Asked Questions

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The NMAPC staff has listed the questions they most often are asked. A quick scan of this information will likely answer most of your questions. Additional information is located on this web site. If you do not find the information you are looking for, contact the NMAPC at the address below.

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Arlington, Va. 22209
Phone: 703-841-9707
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National Maintenance Agreement (PDF)

1. How do I become signatory to the National Maintenance Agreement?
A contractor must submit the following online form to the International Union(s) of the crafts the contractor intends to employ. Additionally, contractors must obtain site extension approval from the International Union(s) by completing an online Site Extension Request Form which is submitted to the International Union(s) for each job.

2. How do I get proof that I am signatory to the National Maintenance Agreement before I begin work?
The International Union's site extension approval letter provides proof.

3. Do I have to sign the National Maintenance Agreement if I am already signed to a local Agreement?
Yes, the National Maintenance Agreements are stand-alone agreements.

4. Do subcontractors also need to be signatory to the NMA if the prime contractor is signatory?
Yes. All subcontractors, regardless of tier must be signatory and have approved Site Extension Requests (SERs) when working for a contractor under the NMAs.

5. Does the Owner need to be signatory to the National Maintenance Agreement before a contractor can use the agreement at the owner's site?
No, the agreement is between the contractor and the International Union(s).

6. I'm only using one craft; do I still have to hold a pre-job conference?
Yes, a pre-job conference is mandated for all crafts under Article I of the agreement.

7. When do I have to request site extension approval?
Extensions should be requested on a location-by-location basis.

8. How much does it cost to be signatory to the National Maintenance Agreements?
The cost of being signatory to the National Maintenance Agreements is $1,200 per craft per year, and includes regular membership in The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC). However, if you have ten (10) or more NMAs, and are a Governing Member of TAUC, there is an annual cap of $12,000. If you would like to know more about TAUC, or how to become a Governing Member, please visit

9. How do I terminate my NMA once I no longer need it or intend to use it?
You must complete an online Termination Notice.

10. Will my company have to continue to pay the NMAPC administrative fee, even though we may not use the NMA in a particular year?
Yes. All contractors that remain signatory to the NMA are obligated to pay administrative fees on an annual basis. If a contractor does not expect to use the NMA in a calendar year it is strongly recommended that the contractor terminate the NMA with the International Union(s) by submitting an online Termination Notice form indicating a desire to terminate the agreement(s).

11. NMAPC Administrative Fee invoices are e-mailed to all contractors Primary and/or Billing Contacts. Please be sure your Primary and/or Billing Contact names and e-mail addresses are up to date.
To make updates you can e-mail or call (703) 841-9707.