Report Your First Quarter Work Hours

It's time to report your NMA work hours for the first quarter of 2016! Reporting is quick and easy - just log on to and follow the simple instructions.

Work hours must be reported online for all work done under the NMA. You may submit work hours either by Site Extension Request (SER) or by Project Without a Site Extension Request.

Why are signatory contractors required to report their NMA work hours?

By reporting your hours, you help create a more accurate picture of union construction's position in the marketplace.

Reporting work hours is good for your business! automatically creates graphs and charts based on your work hour information - perfect for including in bids and meetings with current and potential clients.

You have 24/7 access to the work hours you've reported. Slice your data by date (quarterly or yearly), owner, state, industry or craft!

NMAPC staff can help you create customized work hours reports - find out where you rank locally, regionally and nationally!

Questions? Contact Ben Cahoon at (703) 841-9707 ext. 118.

Don't Delay - Click Here to Report Your Work Hours Today!


April 04, 2016